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The Memory Lady

Donna Dahl is a strong advocate of building memory skills. She is an author, professional speaker and columnist who specializes in personal improvement and personal brand development. Her Master's Degree thesis focused on the subject of memory. Donna was the recipient of the International Women's Day Award for Outstanding Service in Business.

Donna Dahl, professional speaker and writer, has a passion for playing with ways to remember. While she is an accomplished business woman, she is also a student of her own experience. She is pleased to share what she has learned through her training, her observation, and her participation in her own expereinces

Donna faced a huge challenge following a serious car accident a number of years ago which, among other things, left her with difficulties involving her memory. More than a decade later...long story short...she successfully completed all the requirements to take on the role of being a Dave Farrow Memory Speaker. Her thesis for her Master's Degree focused on strategies for remembering and so she finds it delightful and exciting to share the work of a self-taught ADHD, dyslexic man with a phenomenal memory.

Donna is a Show Host with the Women's Information Network and a weekly columnist with the, an online newspaper based in over 20 Canadian cities. She serves as President of the Canadian Leadership Institute, a business-to-business networking group that meets weekly, and she is a lifetime member of CEO Space. She is also a member of the Independent Publisher's Association of Canada.

As an author, Donna has written and published two books in support of entrepreneurs: "Tradeshows" and "Demystyifying Marketing." Many of her articles have been published on line by magazines such as Rising Women Magazine. As an international speaker her audiences have included the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, Lloydshare Inc., the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Calgary, the Calgary Chapter of CEO Space, the Progressive Group for Independent Business Women and Petro-Staff International.

Testimonials of her work as a Farrow Memory Speaker include remarks like: "Donna's talk on memory was amazing. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are thinking of booking Donna to come and speak at your next meeting, you won't be dissappointed." Julie Chandler, Progressive Group for Independent Business Women 

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